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The requirements for setup of a Cosy Cabin are simple:

In most cases, since the cabins are to be used in temporary situations, no Building Permit or RMA consent is needed (if not sure please check with your local regional body). 

Image Ensure the site has the following:

Cosy Cabins will arrange for cabin to be delivered, located and leveled. 

You then simply need to connect up power, water supply and waste water to provided connectors.  Fill holding tank of chemical toilet with clean water and add correct holding water and grey water tank chemicals.

Image Any problems with cabins need to be reported to Cosy Cabin Rentals and upon expiry of rental agreement cabin needs to be cleaned, including emptying of chemical toilets.

Rental term: minimum of 6 months with no maximum limit

To start simply fill out on the line Rental application form and submit to us. We will complete credit check and send out agreement for you to sign and return.